Repair Services

Pricing Guide

$24 – Diagnostics

If the cause of the problem is unknown we will test your computer to pinpoint the exact cause of the hardware or software malfunction or issue to determine the best route of repairs or upgrades needed to fix your computer system, You will be contacted for authorization for any additional charges and the Diagnostics Fee is void if we perform the repairs determined needed.

Level 1 Repair $40

Level 2 Repair $60

Level 3 Repair $80

Level 4 Repair $100

—Example Repairs—

$40 – Hardware Install

We install your hardware for you and install all the latest software and drivers necessary for optimal functionality.

$40-60 – Password Removal

We remove your windows login password. If possible and necessary we can remove your sytem BIOS/startup password.

$60 – Data Recovery and Backup

We recover your Data from a system failure(not guaranteed). Back it up to our Servers, your portable Hard Drive, or we can copy it directly to another Computer System you provide.


Data Recovery by DriveSavers Details.

If we can’t recover it we can refer you to the best recovery experts out there, often with a discount.


$60 – System Boot Recovery

We fix your system boot up processes, such as NTLDR issues, MBR, and your boot records to get you back up and running as quick as possible.

$60-$8- – Operating System Repair

We reinstall and/or repair your Operating System back to original Factory Settings and install the latest drivers and the latest software updates for your computer.

$60-$80 – System Tune up

We remove all traces of spyware, viruses, malware, and other known culprits of lost system performance such as memory leaks, data mining, and registry issues and get you back to optimal performance. Also with cleaning out your system’s software issues we dust out your machine to help optimize your pc to peak performance.

$90-120 – Laptop Power Jack Replacement (most repairs)

Order new Power Jack, Replace and Re-solder it on motherboard.

$100-$150+ – Laptop LCD Replacement (most repairs)

Order new or refurbished LCD Screen, Replace, Reconnect and Test.

Estimated Durations

Estimated duration for a SCPC Tech to evaulate our machine and determine repairs needed. After diagnostics you will be contacted for authorization regarding repairs.
1-2 Days
No Parts Needed

Estimated duration to complete repairs if no parts are Needed Most services such as OS Rebuilds, sypware/virus removal, and system Tuneups take this long.

1-3 Days
Parts Needed
Estimated duration for repairs requiring parts. Some parts may take longer to arrive. You will be contacted and informed accordingly.
3-5 days
Custom Rig
Estimated duration to complete a full custom system build. Some parts may take longer to arrive. Once parts are in, System builds usually take 1 day.
3-7 Days







All Sin City PC Repairs are Warrantied for 30 Days from pickup. This does not include other issues that arise after repairs. All Computer Systems are under a 1 year parts and labor limitied warranty. For more details contact the shop!30 Days to 1 Years

Ask for quote for services not Listed.

We are not liable for Human or Typographical Error, Lost Data, and Damaged Hardware.